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Message from Managing Director

As a leading global recruitment consultancy, our mission is to connect specialist talent with leading employers across multiple industries and disciplines.

A career in recruitment is ideal not just for those already experienced in the industry, also provides and exciting career opportunity for other industry professionals to use the skills and specialist knowledge that they have gained and convert this into a rewarding role in recruitment consulting.

The recruitment consultant’s role uses the professional insights and experience that you have built in your existing career and convert that into offering excellent and meaningful advice to fellow professionals.

JAC Recruitment will provide you with a clear career path with attractive career opportunities and to personally develop as professional recruitment consultant.

As one of the longest established recruitment consultancies in Asia region linked with our high standard of consulting service that is backed up by our organizational size we remain as a market-leading company and we will always strive to further expand and develop ourselves in the recruitment market.

If you embrace our vision and would like to be part of it do not hesitate and join us. We will share our established consulting know how and together we will succeed as a professional consultants in achieving our vision!